2023 Sao Paulo Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Fair (Hookahfair)

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2023 Sao Paulo Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Fair (Hookahfair), time: April 28, 2023 ~ April 30, 2023, venue: Centro deExposicoes Imigrantes Rodovia dos Imigrantes- Sao Paulo Exhibition Center, Sponsor: Projekt20drei10 GmBH, duration: 1 year, exhibition area: 13,000 square meters, exhibition visitors: 11,500 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors brands reached 240. The Sao Paulo Tobacco and E-Cigarette Fair (Hookahfair) is the largest and most influential e-cigarette and hookah fair in Brazil.

 The products on display include a wide range of products, including hookah, tobacco, e-cigarette, hookah bar decorations, e-hookah, hookah pipe, tobacco, charcoal and various accessories.

Hookahfair held in Sao Paulo, Brazil has achieved great success, both the exhibition area and the number of visitors have exceeded the previous ones. The event welcomes leading players from the e-cigarette and shisha industry from South America. The exhibition provides a platform for wholesalers and buyers to introduce new products and maintain relationships with existing customers.

This year's Hookahfair departed from its usual business-oriented approach, launching large-scale shows to attract a wider audience. The exhibition perfectly combines innovative products with traditional product technologies, showing the latest trends in the industry. The show was a huge success and added great entertainment value to the show.

Exhibitors were very pleased with the event and the response from visitors. They are able to showcase their products and directly engage with their target audience, making new connections and closing deals. The exhibition provides them with more opportunities to understand the market and competition, and the visitors can also learn more about the products and services provided by the exhibitors. Industry members were impressed with the quality of attendees and the breadth of the exhibit.

Range of exhibits

E-cigarettes: hookah pipes, e-cigarettes, cigarette sets, hookah bar and lounge decorations, e-hookah, innovative products for the hookah market, charcoal and various accessories, vape, etc.
Exhibition hall information.

Sao Paulo Expo

Venue area: 100,000 square meters.
Address: Centro deExposicoes Imigrantes Rodovia dos Imigrantes.

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Post time: Apr-12-2023